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CARBON DIOXIDE Extinguishers :: 2 kg., 4 kg., 6 kg

On Spot Fire Fighters Fire Protection We are offering a high quality range of CO2 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher are available in 2kg, 3kg, and 4.5kg standard Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher are ideal for several use on Class B Fire Risks. Our CO2 fire extinguishers are available at reasonable prices for the client requirement.

Fire Fite brand CO2 fire extinguishers are suitable for fires involving materials like inflammable liquids, gaseous and electrical fires, oil spillages etc. They are ideal to handle live delicate machinery, flammable liquids, sensitive equipments & gases. It extinguishes fire by blanketing, dilution of oxygen and cooling effect involving high voltage electrical equipment. Specialised CCOE Approved Cylinder & ISI Marked (IS 7285), CCOE Valves & ISI Marked (IS 3224) Available in Screw Down or Squeeze Grip Type Valve.

  1. ISI Marked
  2. 1 Year Warranty
  3. Safe for use on live electrical equipment
  4. Squeeze grip operation
  5. Fully refillable
  6. Controlled Discharge
  7. Supplied with wall bracket
  8. Full range of spare parts are available
BC Stored Pressur Type Fire Extinguisher - Petrol - Oil - Liquied
C Type Stored Pressur Type Fire Extinguisher - Electrical - Gas - Welding